~>New Website

After a few years of stagnation, the Absurdus website has been given a well deserved facelift.



Neo-Botchism is an artistic trend that should be recognized sometime before the next glaciation. Be on the avant-garde and appreciate these pieces right now. (in French only, still the language of high culture… Wait,  this is the XVIth century right?)

Ulysse aux lourdes piques (2006)

Oedipe au Pipeau (2001)

~>“Fire of God” Paper Clip ($5000)

trombone feu de DieuIs there a thief in you just waiting for an occasion to express himself? You neighbor owns an attractive collection of tools, diamonds or perhaps a Rembrandt that makes you green with envy? No lock can resist the “Fire of God” paper clip and they can easily replace a 20m lighting rod. This cheap piece of metal is your key to fulfilling all your material needs.

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