The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse

~>The Game

The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse is the last episode of the Kraken Trilogy initiated by The Eye f the kraken (2002) and Carte Blanche (2006). You didn’t know these games were part of a trilogy? Neither did we, but it is now an undisputable fact.

In it you’ll find :

  • The conclusion to both games’ intrigues :

-> Will the Eye of the Kraken fall into evil hands?
-> Will the Great Kraken be awakened?
-> Will Abdullah finally use his scimitar?
-> Who killed Gaspard Lemaître?
-> Will Edgar eat a schnitzel with apple sauce?

  • Characters from both previous games :

-> Vlad the unwilling vampire
-> Rasputin, Russia’s love machine
-> Odysseus, antique prankster
-> Jeannine, secrétaire extraordinaire
-> Télésphore, antiques dealer
-> Strozzi brothers, not plumbers
-> etc.

  • Endless hours of pleasure (Some people have complained that Carte Blanche was too short, well we always listen to the voice of the people.)
  • Magnificient graphics in black and white… and color! (featuring our new RGB technology.)
  • Multiple platform compatibility : Mac and Linux users will finally be able to have fun with their computer instead of working and geeking.

Will be released… probably end of 2010

Until then :

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