Gamer's Hell Bronze Medal Award

Sound : 7
Graphics : 8
Gameplay : 9

M. "Smacks Admins" B. pour :

"It's always difficult to introduce a new concept and stay true to the genre, however, the people at Absurdus have pulled this off without losing any of its glory. "

"[...]the game consists of your basic hilarious adventure game story."

"The entire game is filled with this slapstick humour, plenty of references to well known computer games, your average variety of sick-people jokes and much much more."

"Graphics wise the game is very nice looking for its genre. The 3D rendered backgrounds look great and the animation of the characters is also brilliantly done. "

"Overall, I really loved playing The eye of Kraken, it has everything that is needed to make a pleasing and, most of all, very funny adventure game. "

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Final Grade : A

Lundar sur

"This game is splashed with so much humor that I found myself laughing on many occassions."

"The graphics are also quite stunning in the way that the environments and characters are depicted. You do feel as if you are on a ship with a surprise around every corner."

"I can easily recommend this adventure game to others who are looking for a unique game that is humorous, full of unique puzzles and gameplay."

"This game is one of those unique ones that comes at us with such energy and spirit that presents situations, story elements and puzzles one who would not usually expect but leaves its memorable impressions upon the gamer."

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Slydos sur

"The speedy story is full of funny dialogues and the partial bizarre plot, the off-key characters, the innumerable allusions on people and events of literature, mythology and contemporary history lets an impudent crime comedy develop. "

"This kind of control is simple and needs no learning phase."

"Who possibly proceeds following a walkthrough, will miss a lot of funny or surprising scenes!"

"Except for two times there are always enough clues and hints, so that puzzle solving can be derived logically "

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Gordon Aplin sur

"Just five minutes into the game you’ll get a sense of the gentle mocking of adventure games and adventurers and you’ll feel quite at home. "

"The game is very fair in that there are lots of clues if you pay attention to what characters tell you, even if it seems irrelevant at the time. "

"The graphics are very good and colourful and the characters are fluid in their movements. Navigation, as I mentioned above, is simple and the whole interface is intuitive. "

"I’ve booked a berth to continue this adventure with Abdullah."

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